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Henan, China

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US$ 780,00 - US$ 990,00/Conjunto
1.0 Conjunto(Min. Order)

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Automatc paper cards packaging machines

Suitable for:

Greeting Card/Game Cards/Envelope/Calendar/A4 paper/Mask/Literacy Card/ Red envelope/Newspaper/Magazine/Wound sticker/Packing bag/self-adhesive and other flake, folding product.


We can custom-made the automatic collecting machine or the feeding machine for the packaging line according to your product.

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US$ 15.050,00 - US$ 24.000,00/Conjunto
1.0 Conjunto(Min. Order)
US$ 10.500,00 - US$ 15.500,00/Conjunto
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US$ 39.900,00 - US$ 47.000,00/Conjunto
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US$ 24.000,00 - US$ 36.000,00/Conjunto
1.0 Conjunto(Min. Order)

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